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Sometimes we have to travel long distances for work, for family reasons or even for holidays and vacations, but the trip itself is rarely enjoyable. Let’s try to make long-distance travel easier!

Not affected by the opinions of others, What others see as a long and hard journey may not be the same for you, For example, a traveler from England to Egypt may find that traveling for several hours is a long flight, While the English citizen cut four or five hours by car while traveling within the borders of the country does not find long, Do not take the opinion of others as an agreed rule; each of us has its own abilities.

Be enthusiastic about your trip, Travel in itself may be a burden, but your mind will make a big difference if you are passionate about where you are going and what you will do, At the time you will find the trip worth it.

Wear the right clothes, In general; Wear your clothes that fit the place where you are going, Not where you come from, If you’re planning a trip from Anchorage to the Maldives, for example; Know that you will be moving from cold weather to hot tropical weather, Do not wear a lot of woolen clothes. We recommend that you wear something that contains many front pockets while you travel so that it is easy to keep and access your personal items (such as sweets, headache pills, earplugs, paper napkins, etc.).

Choose a comfortable shoe and not elegant, Medical or health shoes are more suitable for you when you travel than for narrow, Also avoid shoes with a tie so as not to obstruct your walks, And do not bounce back so as not to slip from your feet, Some shoe designs feature steel bars, Avoid them so as not to be delayed during the security check to detect metals at airports.

Bring with you neck pillow and eye cover, these crescent-shaped inflatable pillows can make sleeping or lying more comfortable. Well, the eye cover helps you sleep with light. Finally, although long trips sometimes offer blankets, I advise you not to rely on it but bring with you a light woolen blanket even if you travel in summer, Sometimes the conditioning is very cold.

Consider the circumstances of others Avoid using a strong fragrance or talking over your phone loudly; It may irritate travelers with you, The sitting next to you may hate you for a journey that may last for hours, Remember that every traveler is an ambassador to his country, Let foreigners love your country through you.

Place the treatment pills in a jar or small box, If you are taking an ongoing treatment as a stress treatment or diabetes, Do not bring with you treatment strips; As they may tear and fall from you while traveling. Place it in a sealed box or empty the contents of the tape in a small plastic jar.

Plan your steps and take advantage of opportunities, If you travel by car, Pay good attention to fuel stops, convenience and roadside cafeterias, If I have to drive for long periods without these facilities, I bring lots of snacks, water, and even some toilet paper, Make sure you have enough fuel to move between stations. Check for a paper map with you next to Maps applications, It may be in a long desert road where the electronic navigation system does not work well.

Prepare your car for travel, If you are traveling away make sure to check your car before you leave, Check tires and fluid levels (oil, water, gasoline, refrigerants)Keep the windshield clean and mirrors, Make sure you have the basic mechanical equipment and know-how to change the frame if necessary.

 Get ready for emergencies Keep the first-aid bag, Mobile phone charger; You may need to save.